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The New CEBS

The Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS) program has been redesigned to meet the demands of an evolving benefits industry while elevating the stature of designation holders.  The co-sponsors of CEBS, the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans and Dalhousie University, have restructured the curriculum and enhanced the overall learning.  

***Important Notice*** 

Two of the CEBS courses will be revised in late 2021 see below:

   ***Important*** Before Ordering:

If you are ordering for someone else, make sure the order is placed in the name of the person receiving the materials (you must include their e-mail address in the note section).  Under the New CEBS program, online access to the study guide and practice exam are uploaded to the individual’s account by the International Foundation when the study guide is purchased. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Shipping on each order of a CEBS Text and Study Guide varies based on shipping location in Canada.  Need your study materials shipped outside of Canada? Please contact us for a quote and to place your order. 1-800-387-1417

 Study materials are not returnable and no refunds will be made. 


Important Notice:  Two of the CEBS courses will be revised in late 2021 as follows:

 RPA 1 - Managing Retirement Plans Part 1  expected late November 2021

RPA 2 - Managing Retirement Plans Part 2 expected mid December 2021

 Revision Details:

Both of these courses are being extensively revised and new Study Guides and textbooks are required reading for purposes of the CEBS program and the national exam.  These materials will be available late November for RPA 1  and mid December for RPA 2. The updates will be reflected in exams administered on and after January 15, 2022. These updates cover all modules of the courses.

 Students who are planning to take their exam prior to the end of 2021 need to purchase the current course materials. Students must pass the course/exam by December 15, 2021 or will need to pay for new course materials.

 Students who are planning to take their exam after January 15, 2022 will need to purchase the new course materials when they become available.