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RPA 1 Study Guide (CDRPA1G21) New Edition November 2021

RPA 1 Study Guide (CDRPA1G21) New Edition November 2021

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Managing Retirement Plans Part 1

This course is required to earn the following designations RPA, CEBS

Retirement plans can be designed, funded and administered by plan sponsors in any number of ways. The overall plan management function (e.g., who makes key decisions, legislative requirements that apply, who is accountable for results) varies depending on the type of vehicle used to provide pensions—registered or nonregistered, defined benefit or defined contribution, or a hybrid. Regardless of the type of retirement plan, some common principles and processes apply. RPA 1 examines what is entailed in retirement plan management decisions and factors that impact design, funding and administration options available to plan sponsors and governance requirements. Text-based reading is supported with regulatory guidance and industry-based practice guidelines.

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