Book Club Orders

Books for Business is happy to provide our service to book clubs across Canada. Discounts are available on orders where multiple copies of the same title are purchased. In addition, the title for your book club meeting can be directly shipped to your door or the meeting location.


Looking for a non-business related title? We can help!

Books for Business has access to over 13 million book titles from over 60 publishers, distributors and wholesalers in Canada, USA, and the UK. Whether you're looking for a popular new release, fiction, or non-fiction book, we would be pleased to accommodate you and your book club.

We are pleased to offer fast shipping Canada-wide on most of our available titles. You can browse our selection of books using the search bar on our website, or click here


Discounts are typically available on orders that include 5 or more of the same title. If you are looking to purchase 5 or more copies or a particular copy, please contact us for a quote. Kindly note that discounts are dependent on the number or copies purchased, as well as the publisher of that particular title.

We are always happy to work with book clubs to help facilitate a better shopping experience. If you're looking to place a book club order, or if you simply have some questions, please get in touch with our helpful team of book experts. 


If you are a local book club, orders can be picked up at our warehouse and office located in Oakville, Ontario during our normal business hours.

Please contact us Toll Free at 1-800-387-1417 or email to arrange your local pick up.



Books for Business - Book Club Orders